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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day

May 16th, 2020

I met Meredith last week at Blue Rose Tattoo parlor on University Hill in Boulder. Meredith moved here from Florida and pursued her passion in body art and piercings. After working in the Denver location for a while, she transferred to the Boulder location and loves it. She loves meeting and talking to new people while doing her job, but what she loves the most about it is that she can leave a positive, lasting memory on someone. Meredith moved to Boulder because she was tired of Florida and tired of the East Coast. She said her favorite things about Boulder are, “low humidity, low judgement.”... Read More

It is Inexhaustible

May 14th, 2019

As winter fades away and the natural world begins to wake, Ravi Zupa has ushered in spring with the release of the fourth print in his Tattoo Gratitude series. “Every year around this time, there seems to be a lot of chaos and upheaval,” Zupa says. “Perhaps this is partly because of the change of seasons as we recover from the darkness of winter and begin our return trip toward longer days. Springtime is a violent and destructive phenomenon first, before it gives way to birth and nurture.” This fourth piece in the series depicts a dragon, a cat who has caught a snake, and a peacock. The... Read More

Ravi Zupa Releases New Print, “Buraq and Mahakala”

April 3rd, 2019

Continuing his exploration of spiritual and mythical characters from cultures across the world, Ravi Zupa has released the third print in his Tattoo series featuring Buraq from the Islamic tradition and a buddhist version of Mahakala. At the top, we see Mahakala—a fierce, chaotic form of Shiva (husband of Kali) who plays a significant role in Tibetan Buddhism. Like his wife, he is a symbol of time and thus is bound by no rules or structures of morality comprehensible by the human mind. “Facing Mahakala is the most alarming and frightening event in the life of any consciousness,” Zupa says... Read More

Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

June 8th, 2015

Meet Chance! Chance works at his family’s wedding dress shop and spends his time learning about the business. The Wedding Seamstress has been a part of his family for the past seven years in Old Town Arvada. Chance is very outgoing and passionate about many things in his life, and his unwavering respect and love for his stepfather is one of those. “On my arm I have two ribbons on my wrist; one is black and that is for melanoma, and one is purple for domestic violence. Also on my forearm I have two sound waves. The one on top, the smaller sound wave, is of the last conversation that I had with... Read More