I met Meredith last week at Blue Rose Tattoo parlor on University Hill in Boulder. Meredith moved here from Florida and pursued her passion in body art and piercings. After working in the Denver location for a while, she transferred to the Boulder location and loves it. She loves meeting and talking to new people while doing her job, but what she loves the most about it is that she can leave a positive, lasting memory on someone.

Meredith moved to Boulder because she was tired of Florida and tired of the East Coast. She said her favorite things about Boulder are, “low humidity, low judgement.” She feels as if she fits in with the laid-back, friendly atmosphere that Boulder has and plans on sticking around for a while.

If you’re considering a new piercing or tattoo, and you want a place that has a great atmosphere and great people, check out Blue Rose!

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Meredith!