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A Nice Jewish Girl From North London

July 19th, 2015

Addiction is a bitch. There’s a number of reasons why, genetic, emotional, psychological, the list goes on. For me, one of the cruelest aspects of addiction is the removal of potential. When we’re born, we’re blank slates. The possibility exists that we can go anywhere, do anything. But some of us have a self-destructive streak, and over time, that potential is transformed into a fire. It exists only to consume, and whatever the addiction happens to be, all that matters is feeding the fire. Most of us know someone like that. Some of us are someone like that. Amy Winehouse was... Read More

Autumn releases you might have missed

October 3rd, 2014

As Summer has come to an end and Autumn has officially arrived, there is quite a bit of music that is being released just in time for the new season. Fall tends to bring about an increased number of album releases, partially because of artists having fall tours, and also because many artists are trying to avoid releasing their work during the holidays if it is not holiday music (fun tidbit of music info: historically, non-holiday albums released during the holidays are not as profitable or successful for the artist that releases them). With that being said, let us check out a number of albums that... Read More