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Navigating Spousal Privilege In Boulder: ‘Til Court Do Us Part!

Happy Tuesday! Tuesday can be work-day of great accomplishment. We’re passed “adjust to the work week Monday,” and not at hump day yet. Today is a day for great accomplishments. For a law-related, Law & Order related serious topic,  let’s chat about legal spousal privilege. Does a person have to testify against a spouse in […]

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One Thing You CANNOT Say In Court! A Cautionary Tale

  Two times. In over 45 years of courtroom practice mostly in Boulder and with making 8,000 court appearance, I have been censored and chastised  only twice, and by two (excellent) Judges. Two times! And for the same reason. I’ve always said that if you learn from someone else’s mistake, you are lucky. Usually I […]

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A pair of large tree nymph butterflies, generally black patterned on a white/bone background. this pair is mirroring each other, and NOT photo shopped. the light purple/pink flowers set off the butterflies.

Boulder Plea Bargains: A Shortcut to Justice or a Detour from Fairness?

A pair of “large tree nymph” butterflies. Photo Lenny Lensworth Frieling Is Plea Bargain a Dirty Word? Is the Negotiation Balanced Like these Butterflies? Plea bargains are misunderstood and inappropriately denigrated by some defendants. Boulder courts, as well as courts across the United States, plea bargaining is a fundamental part of resolving criminal cases. In […]

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