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Boulder’s Wildflower Wonderland: Where to Find Nature’s Blossoming Treasures

June 15th, 2023

Boulder Colorado is a great place to view Spring flowers due to its diverse range of landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. The area is home to a variety of wildflowers, including Indian paintbrush, columbine, and lupine, which bloom in the Spring and create stunning displays of color across the region. One of the best places to view Spring flowers in Boulder is the Boulder Creek Path, a 5.5-mile paved path that follows the creek through the heart of the city. The path is lined with wildflowers and provides a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. It is also a popular... Read More

Boulder Wildflowers – Outdoor Pic of the Day!

June 9th, 2022

Wildflowers can be found across Colorado, but when you see them depends on your elevation. Wildflowers are more visible at higher elevations in July and August. Wildflowers in lower elevations are best viewed in late spring or early summer. Photo credit: Bill Conboy  Read More

Outdoor Pic of the Day – Flowers in Boulder

June 8th, 2022

Every summer, Colorado’s landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of color as more than 3,200 species of wildflowers bloom across the state. The peak of wildflower season typically occurs from mid-June to late July, though it may begin earlier in 2022 due to below-average snowpack this year. Flowers bloom at different rates, so visit during the second or third week of July for the greatest variety of blooms. photo credit: Tony Harman  Read More

Wildflowers of Spring

May 7th, 2015

So I’ll admit it, I am a plant nerd. Plants are neat! For those of you who also wonder about the little spots of yellow popping up across Chautauqua meadow and elsewhere I’ve got a few wildflowers you can see around Boulder now. Tulips and daffodils on Pearl Street Mall don’t count!   Golden Banner (Thermopsis spp.) Golden banner is like the welcome banner of summer. This legume is scattered in large patches across the foothills and some in the plains.   Sand Lily (Leucocrinum montanum) This pretty lily is all over the foothills spread out like little white stars in... Read More