So I’ll admit it, I am a plant nerd. Plants are neat! For those of you who also wonder about the little spots of yellow popping up across Chautauqua meadow and elsewhere I’ve got a few wildflowers you can see around Boulder now. Tulips and daffodils on Pearl Street Mall don’t count!


Golden Banner (Thermopsis spp.)

Thermopsis montana

Golden banner is like the welcome banner of summer. This legume is scattered in large patches across the foothills and some in the plains.


Sand Lily (Leucocrinum montanum)

This pretty lily is all over the foothills spread out like little white stars in the sky.



Rocky Mountain Iris (Iris missouriensis)

Irises have just started to come up along streams and meadows.


Some other pretty wildflowers out right now around Boulder: Mouse-earred chickweed; Salsify; Horned larkspur; lance-leaf chiming bells; white locoweed; Oregon grape; wild plum.