Every summer, Colorado’s landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of color as more than 3,200 species of wildflowers bloom across the state. The peak of wildflower season typically occurs from mid-June to late July, though it may begin earlier in 2022 due to below-average snowpack this year. Flowers bloom at different rates, so visit during the second or third week of July for the greatest variety of blooms.

photo credit: Tony Harman

A CU Boulder alum and sports photographer, Tony Harman is also a pioneer in the video game industry and has had leadership positions in the industry for over 25 years.  Tony was the Director of Development and Acquisitions for Nintendo from 1989 to 1996, where he help Nintendo dominate the video game industry and was in charge of dozens of #1 industry hits, including creating the concept of Donkey Kong Country, which became the number one selling game of all time when it was released. Tony now works out of Boulder and photographs on the side, specializing in sports photography for CU Boulder.