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Canines of Boulder: From Paws to Predators and Pets

Is a coyote a dog? Or is a dog a coyote? Coyotes and dogs are distinct but closely related species. They both belong to the Canidae family, which also includes other species like wolves and foxes. Here’s a breakdown of their relationship: Coyotes (*Canis latrans*) are wild animals native to North America. They have distinct […]

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Four Great Boulder Trails you Didn’t Know Existed Until Now

You owe it to yourself to gaze upon the beautiful landscape around Boulder, and the best way to do that is to start exploring some trails. Marshall Mesa Loop Marshall Mesa Loop is a great hiking trail to start with. It’s an easy hike, only 3.3 miles, and it gives you a brilliant view of […]

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Flying Deer VIDEO SHOCKS the Social Media World with Views! World RECORD Deer jump!

A jaw-dropping video of the gravity-defying feat currently boasts over 85,000 views on Twitter as of Monday morning. “And the gold medal for long & high jump goes to…..” reads the caption to the high-flying footage, which was shared Friday to the Twitter account of India-based environmental NGO WildLense Eco Foundation. In the exhilarating slow-motion […]

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Mountain Lion Found Napping Under SUV in Garage in Longmont

Wildlife officials have relocated a mountain lion that snuck into a garage in Longmont and fell asleep under an SUV. The animals was tranquilized in the garage, then released in the Arapaho National Forest. Mountain lion sightings are usually more common in Boulder, Niwot and Lyons, just west of Longmont, however mountain lions are known […]

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Boulder Moose Makes its Way Downtown to Relax in Cemetery

It’s almost unknown to see a moose coming down from the mountains to go deeper into Boulder, especially as it gets warmer, but one female moose was looking to spend some time in Boulder’s Columbia Cemetery. “Moose do come down from the mountains from time to time, but overall I would say that is out […]

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Proposed Residential Development on Celestial Seasonings Property

Celestial Seasonings first got in trouble way back in 1999 when it poisoned some prairie dogs that lived in the property surrounding the factory. As a way to prevent this from happening again, the surrounding area has been protected and serves as a buffer for Celestial Seasonings that does not impact the wildlife. Now, this […]

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This Saturday: New Colorado Holiday to Celebrate Value of Public Lands!

There is a great respect and appreciation for the public land here in Colorado, and the majority of Colorado voters in 2016 “opposed efforts to turn national public lands over to the state.” (Conservation Colorado 2016). With this sentiment in mind, Colorado made itself the first state to create a holiday focused on appreciating the […]

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Calls of the Wild at Heil Valley Ranch

< If you have gotten out to some of the foothills and montane parks around the county lately and sat for a quiet moment amid your mountain bike race down the mountain or perhaps your run up the hill, then you may have heard a strange whistling kind of noise. It is not the sound […]

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