According to the Yelp ratings, the following are the top-rated bars in Boulder, Colorado that provide live music:

1 – Rayback Collective

THE RAYBACK IS A BACKYARD PARTY TO WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED! The Rayback Collective appears to be a cold beer in the sun, with a furry friend at your feet, a new friend at the table next to you, and an old friend sitting directly in front of you.

It sounds like bantering voices of people and dogs from far, wide, and all the way down the street. It has the aroma of suntan lotion and loaded sweet potato fries. It tastes like a spicy mezcal cocktail and the best beer you’ve had all week from a brewery you’d never heard of before. It’s like coming home.

We’ve been trying to define what community means to us since we first opened our doors in 2016. It turns out that those around you define it for you if you take the time to listen. So, what does community mean to you, and can we be a part of it?

2 –  BOCO Cider

BOCO Cider is Boulder’s first cidery, and it’s right next door to two wineries and a brewery, so there’s plenty to see and do all in one location. BOCO’s gluten-free hard ciders are made “The Boulder Way,” which means they are unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally carbonated, with no added sulfites.

The taproom is located in North Boulder and features live music on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on-site food trucks (see website) and open-mic comedy. Growlers will be filled and ready to go. If you want, bring a picnic, refreshments, and games.  If you have a friendly dog, they are welcome.

3 –  License No. 1

License No. 1 provides a one-of-a-kind experience. This underground speakeasy-style cocktail bar pays homage to the early twentieth century’s exquisite appeal. When you visit this hidden gem in the center of downtown Boulder, you’ll be transported back in time with classic, handcrafted libations, chef-prepared small meals, and a lively ambiance.

The City of Boulder was dry when the Hotel Boulderado opened its doors in 1909, having forbidden the sale of demon rum and spirits within city bounds in 1907. The bar in the basement of Hotel Boulderado received one of the first legal licenses to serve hard liquor in a restaurant in 1969. Today, License No. 1 is still operating under the same liquor license that was awarded in 1969. We are honored to carry on the legal history of the Hotel Boulderado!

4-  Mountain Sun Pubs and Brewery 

Our objective at Mountain Sun Pubs and Breweries is to provide five-star service, fresh, high-quality pub fare, and handcrafted brews at an affordable price in an environment that feels like your living room. Our bars will never have televisions because we want our guests to socialize and discuss the world we live in, or simply to play Scrabble.

Our approach to the service business, we believe, is distinctive and deserving of attention. Tomorrow, your server may be cooking or even supervising your food. We all work together to provide you with the best service, cuisine, and handcrafted beer possible.