Why are margaritas called margaritas? A woman allegedly ordered a “magnolia” in 1942 while Pancho Morales was serving her at Tommy’s Place in Juarez, Mexico. The only component of the drink that Morales could recall was cointreau. He added tequila and gave the new mixture the Spanish name “margarita,” which means “daisy” in English.

Boulder has several restaurants that serve some of the best margaritas in the state. Here are the top 7 margarita spots in Boulder, based on the most recent Yelp reviews:

1 – La Mariposa Restaurant & Margarita House

2 – T/ACO an Urban Taqueria

3 – Rincon Del Sol Restaurant

4 – Nopalito’s

5 – Mojo Taqueria Boulder

6 – McDevitt Taco Supply

7 – Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

photos via: Pixabay