For all of the dateless students this V-Day: Here is what you should do this weekend.

-Find a stop light party. Chances are, you won’t be the only one wearing green.
-Go on a hike. The weather is beautiful, the Flatirons are close by, and there is no better way to forget about the romance then to hike alone or with friends.
-Hit up happy hour with your bros or girlfriends. Who said that love needs to be romantic?
-Go skydiving. You will love the adrenaline just as much as you could love a partner.
-Spoil yourself. Nothing says V-Day like loving yourself. You’ve worked hard, now shop just as hard.
-Hit the bars. All of the single students will be in the same boat. There’s nothing that a $6 pitcher from he Downer can’t fix.
-Spend quality roommate time. Bake come cookies, have a wine night or a cupcake’s war. Remember that friendship is just as valuable as romance.