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Cheerful & Beer-Full at the Bohemian Biergarten

Sunday’s can sometimes be a bit of a drag – a day to sleep in, run errands, and dread work the next morning. Therefore, when it comes to finding something fun on a Sunday night, the struggle is real. On Sunday nights the majority of Boulder is a quiet community nestled in the foot of the Flatirons. Little do we know, the Bohemian Biergarten is booming every Sunday night with their gut-busting Comedy Show. That’s right, the Bohemian Biergarten is turning those lazy days into Sunday Funday. The laughs come at a $5 entrance fee, and begin Sunday at 7pm, and continue for a 2nd show at 9:15pm. Hosted by Brent Gill, the Biergarten’s comedy show features a wide variety of acts, from local comedians to stand-up acts from Comedy Central. Biergarten employee, Rebecca, even told me that comedian and Colorado Native, TJ Miller stopped by last Sunday while visiting Boulder. Definitely worth it to drop-in for a beer!

Aside from Comedy Sundays, the Bohemian Biergarten has a lot to offer. Established by Zdenek Srom in 2013, this “European-style Gastropub” transports you to the boisterous taprooms of Central Europe, with traditional food that matches the high quality of their beer. Their delicious food is as authentic as their German chef, who crafts homemade pretzels, sausages, and European comfort food to pair with the best beers. Srom, originally from the Czech Republic, successfully fuses the beer culture from his hometown with that of Boulder. The Biergarten features mainly European taps from the Czech Republic to Germany, but stays true to Boulder, pouring local taps as well. The Pilsners are the feature presentation at the Biergarten. They even pour the Pilsner Urquell, the first-ever Pilsner, created in Srom’s home country, and a personal favorite of his. My favorite Biergarten brew is the lighter Paulaner Brauhaus Hefeweizen, which I drink a liter of most weeks at the Biergarten’s $8 Das Boot Tuesdays. So come down to the Bohemian Biergarten, just off Pearl Street, for Comedy Sundays, Das Boots, and more!

Fresh to Boulder, Bronwen made the trek from the East Coast this past June. The decision to move westward came to her after exploring our magnificent country for two wonderful months on the road. Before moving to CO, Bronwen attended Roger Williams University, where she jumped at the chance to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for 4 months at the Umbra Institute. Her passion for the world didn’t begin there, but when she caught the travel bug on her first trip to Italy while attending Kent School. Now, she’s loving her new life in Boulder! Since the big move, she’s been taking advantage of every second of sunshine our beautiful city has to offer. Whether it’s pushing her limits on a hike or practicing yoga in her backyard, she thrives in the outdoors. Aside from traveling and enjoying nature, Bronwen is a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to LOTR and Batman. You can always find her photographing and writing about her adventures!

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