With an average household size of 2.20 people, this equates to around 45,211 people living in households. Based on the fact that one in every three households owns a dog, Boulder’s dog population is estimated to be roughly 15,000–or approximately 6.5 people per dog.

The Open Space and Mountain Parks system is one of the few on the Colorado Front Range that allows dog guardians to walk their dogs off-leash.  This opportunity is only available if dogs are responsibly controlled by voice and sight and wear a voice and sight dog tag. It is a demanding standard for both dogs and their guardians.

Pearl Street Mall – No animals are permitted between 11th and 15th Streets on Pearl Street. This one is enforced fairly frequently, so save yourself the ticket. Boulder Reservoir – Between May 15 and Labor Day, dogs are not permitted through the gates or along the reservoir’s south shoreline.

Although there is a law not allowing pets on the Pearl Street Mall it’s still pretty laid back for dogs to come shopping. (Photo: Joseph Wirth)