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New Terrain: Curiosity Crafts Community

Wondering which craft brew to try next? Just follow your curiosity, wander down the road to Golden, and you will be greeted by the New Terrain Brewing Company. Located just up Table Mountain Parkway, this new-aged brewery is surrounded by breathtaking views and even better beer.

Enjoying a Phantom Island APA & an Orange Groove Cream Ale

When I first stepped foot in New Terrain, my immediate thought was, “I’m home.” Not only are their beers exquisite, but the vibes are unmatched. I wouldn’t even describe it as a brewery, but rather a meeting place for those struck by wanderlust and on the search for a good beer.

They boldly blend Colorado’s booming beer community with nomadic adventure enthusiasts alike. Even their mission embodies Colorado’s outdoor culture, proudly stating, “Alive is the pursuit of adventures unknown and territories unseen with an insatiable curiosity to explore hops, barley, water, and yeast. The unbound journey exists for those who wander.” Can you picture it? A cozy taproom, inviting vagabonds to sit down and share their journeys while enjoying a cold one.

Need an Orange Groove refill!


If you’re still not picturing it, just think, “not all those who wander are lost,” a line stolen from The Lord of the Rings, which is arguably the most epic journey ever crafted. J. R. R. Tolkien’s phrase even rests on the back of New Terrain’s coasters as a reminder that life’s a journey. Tolkien would be proud of the brewmasters at New Terrain, feeding their curiosity and exploring the unknown when it comes to the world of beer.

Feed your curiosity and taste the constantly evolving beers brewed in New Terrain barrels. If you stop by tonight, you’ll be able to catch Smokestack 70 – a rotating food truck that has BBQ Done Right. Find out for yourself – ‘Cue the brew.

Fresh to Boulder, Bronwen made the trek from the East Coast this past June. The decision to move westward came to her after exploring our magnificent country for two wonderful months on the road. Before moving to CO, Bronwen attended Roger Williams University, where she jumped at the chance to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for 4 months at the Umbra Institute. Her passion for the world didn’t begin there, but when she caught the travel bug on her first trip to Italy while attending Kent School. Now, she’s loving her new life in Boulder! Since the big move, she’s been taking advantage of every second of sunshine our beautiful city has to offer. Whether it’s pushing her limits on a hike or practicing yoga in her backyard, she thrives in the outdoors. Aside from traveling and enjoying nature, Bronwen is a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to LOTR and Batman. You can always find her photographing and writing about her adventures!

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