Well it’s finally summer in Boulder! Time to put away the skis (well you have until A Basin closes), hit the farmer’s market, lounge by the Rez, and dine alfresco.

Honestly there is no shortage of things to do in Boulder in the summer. (I’m personally very excited to be using my Boulder Passport for 2 for 1 tasty beverages around town). Without a doubt you gotta be outdoors for summer in Boulder; unless its a thunderstorm when you are given the excuse to get comfy indoors. Here’s some ways to spend this weekend outside:

1. Take a hike! Scan through City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks long list of trailheads and hikes to find somewhere other than Chautauqua to start a good hike. Chautauqua is of course beautiful but more like a mall than an open space with thousands of people on the weekends. Save Chautauqua for during the week or early morning hours.


2. Attend a naturalist led program! Usually for free, you can learn all about something in the natural world around you- walks may be super short or a difficult hike and there are tons of programs to keep the kids interested and happy during the long summer days. These are coming up this week:

3. Farmer’s Market! Now fresh local produce really makes it feel like summer. Every Saturday in Boulder 13th street becomes a very happening place, full of delicious food, beautiful plants, and even homemade cosmetics. Much better than going to the grocery store to grab your salad fixins for the week- there’s live music, several ice cream vendors, and lots of hot food from all around the world. The Boulder Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays 8 am-2 pm and Wednesdays 4-8 pm. Longmont Farmer’s Market at the Boulder County Fairgrounds is open 8 am- 1 pm and the Wednesday one is downtown 4 pm- 8 pm.

4. Group Hikes! Check out sites like MeetUp (Boulder Social Hikers) or Colorado Mountain Club (Boulder Chapter). Also if you’re single and love to hike you could check out SinglesHikes.  These group hikes can be nice because someone else figures out all the details, you just register and show up!

5. Swim! There’s the Boulder Reservoir of course and a bunch of other great swimming spots around Colorado.

Now get out there!

Lizzie works as a seasonal for City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, spending her days among the flora and fauna of Boulder both on and off the job. When it comes to knowing what to do and whats going on in the numerous open spaces around Boulder, Lizzie is your girl. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Geography: Environmental Resource Management degree, she came to Salida, CO to work in the San Juan National Forest and surrounding areas on a trail crew. Previously she has worked for Boulder County Parks and Open Space, other trail crews, and as an environmental educator. She has a passion for spreading environmental knowledge and bringing nature straight to the people.