Wild Pastures Burger Company in Boulder, Colorado received the number one ranking for the Best fast food based on the most recent Yelp reviews.

Wild Pastures Burger Company Mission

To put it simply, our mission in creating Wild Pastures Burger Co is:

1. To be the healthiest fast casual burger chain in the world with the highest quality ingredients in every single item we serve.
2. To be the most environmentally responsible fast casual restaurant chain in the world, where not only are we dedicated to “do less harm”, but we’re actually committed to being a SOLUTION to some of the biggest environmental issues of our time, including climate change, water quality, soil health, and protecting ecosystems.

Environmental Mission:

One of the biggest issues of our time are the environmental and ecological issues caused by agriculture, and this applies to destructive industrial agriculture methods on BOTH the “plant-based” side, as well as the way animals are raised in modern feedlots.

Some of these issues caused by destructive forms of BOTH animal-based and plant-based agriculture are production of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change, soil erosion, soil destruction by pesticides and fertilizers, water pollution, and ecosystem damage.

When we created Wild Pastures Burger Co, we wanted to not only “do less harm”, but we wanted to be an actual SOLUTION to all of these problems.

Our beef is sourced 100% from regenerative ranches and farms that are performing holistic rotational grazing methods on ecologically-diverse pasture lands. These holistic rotational grazing methods have been scientifically studied to actually sequester more carbon from the atmosphere and into soils, all while building topsoil fertility, protecting the soils from erosion with our dense pasture grasses, allowing more water to infiltrate into groundwater supplies, and protecting water quality of streams, rivers, and groundwater. In addition, our “Wild Pastures” where our beef is raised, is not sprayed with any pesticides or herbicides and maintains a high ecological diversity of both plant and animal life.

Photos via: Wild Pastures Burger Company