Surprise, surprise! My friend and I went for a bike ride last Wednesday – that lovely day with the warm fall sun and gentle breezes blowing leaves around in tiny dances – yep that Wednesday – down to the Boulder’s Farmers Market, and to our disappointment, it wasn’t there. Did you know that the Wednesday Market from 4 – 8 pm only goes until the first 2012 Farmers' Market 1st DayWednesday in October? I was 2 Wednesday’s too late. The good news is it’s not too late to catch the end of the season on Saturday, as it goes until the fourth Saturday in November. This year that is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29th.

More than just a place to go get some greens and bread, it is a community gathering place. A joining of citizenry and an expression of Boulder‘s wholesomeness.


I was curious how long the Market had been going. The history of the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets rides the tails of my Alfalfa’s Market story, and also the previous Boulder History Museum where I learned that Boulder had always been a health conscious retreat since it’s inception. The website says it was started and organized in the fall of 1986 by a small group of farmers. It was pretty amazing how much support from the City of Boulder, County of Bouler, State of Colorado and students from CU came together to manifest the market we hall have today. The location for the Market was chosen very carefully. “The site had to be permanent, highly visible, attractive, accessible and shaded. Boulder‘s Central Park, located in the heart of the city, was chosen and the Boulder County Farmer’s Market was off and running!”


I didn’t know the Market was a Non-profit, and that the proceeds are redistributed to other local non-profits supporting different areas of community abundance.

As we know, the Farmer’s Market is much more now than it even was a few years ago. Many local companies found their ground at the Market, and an audience for their projects. I remember having Bhakti Chai at a booth 10 years ago, and now, I order it every time I’m in a coffee shop (in Boulder. Sadly, the rest of the world doesn’t yet know the joy of a cup.) I’ve tasted so many breads from different bakeries over the years. The Market is a community icon. Filled with healthy options and rare gifts, it represents what is wholesome about this town.

We have six more Saturday Farmer’s Market’s before the end of the season. I hope to see you all there!!


ALSO.. There is a Winter Market December 5 & 6th. So all you crafts folks might want to get your application in here.

By Kirsten RAE Erkfritz, Boulder citizen, real estate agent, historian, yogini, and entrepreneur.