Photo Credits: Julia DeBellPhoto Credits: Julia DeBell

This Friday, April 22nd, the United States celebrates its 46th Earth Day. This holiday, founded in 1970, stands in tribute to the national phenomenon that was the Environmental Revolution. This movement, widely considered one of the most successful in recent US history, was the force behind the creation of the eminent Environmental Protection Agency. This progressive public sentiment drove environmental reform across the nation. In short, we can thank it for our breathable air and our drinkable water.

Boulder has long been a hotspot of environmentalism. As a hippy nest the city was at the forefront of the movement, taking environmentally aware steps even before the greater public opinion demanded a change. Early actions included the institution of the unique Greenbelt Amendment in 1967 and the creation of the pedestrian friendly Pearl Street Mall in 1977. The city and county of Boulder remain proponents of natural preservation and resource conservation by supporting legislations that range from encouraging responsible use of open space to providing curbside recycling throughout the municipality.

All this said, it comes as no surprise that locals take Earth Day seriously, turning it into a weeklong celebration of all things natural and earthy. Want to get involved, show your love for mother earth or just get outside this week? Here are a few ways to participate in Earth Day 2016.


The University of Colorado’s Environmental Center is celebrating all week. Daily events range from a speaker series to a clothing swap and culminates in EarthFest. This all day event is a great way to be a part of the happening environmental community in Boulder. Check it out at

#BoulderEarthWeek is sponsoring several events throughout the week. Check out the cause and calendar of incredible events at

Other Ways to Get in the Spirit:

If you’re feeling more like observing Earth Day from the comfort of your own backyard, there are still countless ways to get involved in the celebration!

Ever find yourself wondering about whether or not you can recycle that milk carton? Learn about Boulder’s recycling guidelines at and help the city keep its recycling center operating smoothly.

Beat the traffic and ride the bus or your bike. Plan your trip at or plot your bike ride at

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful spring weather. Take a hike at chautauqua. Hang out on Pearl and catch the Earth Man’s show. In extraordinarily unlikely event of another April blizzard, break out those nordic skis and enjoy some kick and glide.

Boulder is beautiful, I’m sure we can all agree. This is a perfect week to celebrate the natural world that makes our community so special.


It’s the season for Thursday night cruiser rides. Check out the one this week for an Earth themed extravaganza.