The word construction immediately makes me cringe when it is spoken. The construction on highway 36, a highway that I drive every single day, seems to only inch towards completion. My freshman year I lived in Smith Hall in Kittredge which underwent an entire year of construction, which forced me and all other Smith kids to reroute and take the long way to campus (an additional 10 minutes). The construction on campus was the basis for many stories though. My freshman year roommate snuck into one of the half-completed buildings in Kittredge and turned the inside into a dance floor. Construction that sparked curiosity.

For the past few months CU’s football stadium has been undergoing additions, including the building of an entirely new facility new to Folsom. Curious? I thought so when I first heard the news of a new facility. Why would CU decide to spend millions on an indoor football practice field, equipped with a pool and all? The more that I got to thinking the more I began to realize that it does make sense, from a business standpoint at least. The CU football coaches want to be able to offer potential players reasons to play for CU. We aren’t the best team and haven’t been for many years. However, a top of the line, modern, indoor field may be not only alluring but successfully tempting. The building of this new facility get me thinking about how highly CU values its athletics.  It’s curious actually, because CU has one of the top ranked Engineering and Aerospace programs in the country, however the engineering center is one of the older buildings on campus and has not been renewed or added onto.

CU’s construction over the last two years has resulted in new facilities that make the university stand out. The Buff pool and now the new indoor arena. Building means improvements and improvement imply success. These new, unique and stand-out-ish features will without a doubt draw attention to the school and set it apart from other universities.