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The Conference, Defined:

Maybe you’ve seen the parade of flags across Norlin Quad. Maybe you’ve wondered why Boulder seems extra crowded this week. With over 100 participants from around the world, a schedule of 200 events, and upwards of 70,000 attendees, campus is absolutely buzzing. The 68th annual Conference on World Affairs kicked off its weeklong event this Monday. Known to the most Boulder-y of Boulderites as CWA, this community event offers the Boulder community an opportunity to step outside of their day to day sphere and experience world issues in a global context. Continuing its tradition, the conference is free and open to the public. Go check it out!


Here’s Why it’s a Great Opportunity:

How often do you get to experience world issues through a multitude of diverse lenses? The conference offers an opportunity to sit in on discussions between world leaders in their field. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to expand your Boulder experience. Panelists cover topics from science and technology to arts and everything inbetween. If you’re interested in the political climate of the Middle East, there’s a panel for you. If you find yourself more inclined toward and hour or so of poetry, there’s something for you too. As an all encompassing bridge between the University of Colorado and Boulder, CWA encourages unity through community engagement. It’s pretty cool to be able to participate in something so groovy.


How to Enjoy the Conference:

The Conference on World Affairs hosts over 30 panels and events each day.Drop by the University Memorial Center to pick up a schedule or access it online at For the especially tech savvy of us, the conference has provided a killer app. To download, visit the app store and download ‘Crowd Compass Directory’. Search ‘Conference on World Affairs’ in the app, and there you go! Take advantage of this lovely spring weather and enjoy some time on campus exploring this unique event.



If you want to arrive at the conference in style and avoid parking on the hill, RTD busses conveniently stop in front the the UMC at Euclid and Broadway. Check schedules and routes at