It’s finally here students, the weekend that is arguably the most dynamic out of the entire school year! Time to pretend you’re someone you desperately want to be or a celeb who you’d love to bash on. I was a “beaten up biebs” last year. I despise Bieber and thought it would be funny, unfortunately nobody understood. So, my first piece of advice is don’t overthink the costume idea and don’t offend diehard fans, they’re passionate!!!


My second piece of advice, which should be the first considering how important it is, BE SAFE. We all know how rowdy Boulder gets on Halloween. Burning couches all over the street? Yep, that’s us. That’s just an example of how hard we go for Halloween, and while it’s all fair and understandable, stay somewhat conscious so your decisions aren’t influenced by all of the ones around you.


Also, if you can’t avoid the police which will likely be the case, respect them. For one, they have to work on the most (intimidating) holiday, so not only can they not enjoy it with their families, but they’re going to be in a whole different mode. Seen the movie 21 jump street? They’ll be pulling shenanigans like those to get people caught. If those reasons aren’t good enough, recall a few years ago when a former student was hit in the eye with a police pepper ball during a block party that turned into a riot. Sure, he got $230,000 in settlement, but lost most of his vision and constantly has issues. Just not worth it.


Also, be considerate when dressing up in certain costumes that could be hurtful or offensive to certain cultural stereotypes. Unless of course, you’re trying to offend Justin Bieber. In all seriousness though, especially for you freshman, stay smart out there! I get that it’s a YOLO kind of date, but wouldn’t you like to Halloween more than once? Stay smart and safe and S’KOOOOOO BUFFS!