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Cuddly Toys Change The Way Your Children Play


Grab your smartphones and tablets and get ready, because automated learning just got cuddly with this local startup’s toy. Meet Ubooly, the uber cute and unboring toy for your kids ‘guaranteed to outlast any other toy’. At its most basic, Ubooly is an interactive, smart technology based stuffed animal that is powered by your smartphone or tablet.


When you purchase an Ubooly, you receive the adorably furry toy case for your phone or tablet as well as a free membership for Ubooly’s interactive features to provide your child with an engaging and educational play experience. Once your Ubooly has arrived and the app has been downloaded onto your device, your child is then able to access a plethora of activities, games and adventures to explore. Kids can choose fun activities such as Cave Exploring, Acting, Get Out There, Hide and Seek, Hot Potato, Pirate Adventure and more. These types of activities ensure that your child is actively participating with Ubooly; they move around and physically interact with their surroundings rather than just play a computer game or watch TV. Want Ubooly to tell a story? Just say so and Ubooly will. Ready to play a game? A simple verbal command saying “Play a game” and Ubooly will direct you there.




On the more educational end of the spectrum Ubooly also offers activities designed to improve and enhance children’s learning experience. Counting, addition, subtraction, as well as other basic arithmetic practice are included in Ubooly’s free content. Trivia, vocabulary, grammar and language lessons are also offered to sharpen children’s learning skills. Ubooly also has activities designed to help parents teach their children tasks like brushing their teeth, learning to actively listen with the Listening Ears game as well as cleaning up and developing healthy hygiene and bedtime rituals.


Funded by Kickstarter and part of TechStar’s 2012 accelerator program, Ubooly’s Boulder based team constantly works to create new content and new activities for your child’s growing mind and ever changing interests. If your child consistently avoids certain activities or does not select them to play with, Ubooly takes note of this and suggests ones your child might like better. Additional content is also available to purchase through the app via unique Play Packs.


Ubooly’s are come in three colors, green, pink and orange and start at $29.95 for the smart phone version and $59.95 for the Jumbo Ubooly designed for tablets. Ubooly’s language can be set for Spanish, Italian, Japanese, English, German and French and is supported by the following devices: iPhone 4 and higher, the iPod Touch 5 and higher, the iPad Mini and Android devices using OS 2.3.4 and above.


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