IMG_6947“I think throughout the different major times of our life we need to seek out different qualities of landscapes and environment. For example, the mountains cradle us more so than an open desert plane or an open vista. Yet there are times when we need that blank slate. We need something to start again, and we go there and immerse ourselves and embody where we are in that landscape. We as human beings have these cycles that we go through. Some might call it a hero’s journey. Part of it has to do with the call to adventure. We get called to something and somewhere, and when we get there it might be hard– it might shake up our entire sense of identity. It may shake up something really deep and rich inside of us. We might deny those new understandings and offerings. For me, when I hit those periods of time, I always found myself near a river. I found myself near something flowing and constantly recycled. The wave comes in and crashes and it recedes back, it’s very purifying. That’s why there’s that symbol of going to a body of water and renewing ourselves.” – David Cumming