Meet Hannah! Hannah moved to Boulder just about a year ago and when she isn’t working at her job as a behavioral therapist, she enjoys, hooping!

Hooping (Hoop Dancing, Hula Hooping) is generally considered a “flow art” and has roots in many other forms of dance.  Rhythmic gymnastics, hip-hop, freestyle dance, fire performance, twirling, poi, and other dance and movement forms are some of the influences that have helped create hooping.

Hannah’s introduction to hooping came by way of fire dancing!

After graduating college on the east coast, Hannah set out to do some (a lot) traveling.  Her first stop was Costa Rica where, by way of her cousin, was introduced to a fire dancer and performer

The fire dancing performances, combined with her dance background inspired Hannah to get involved in this new art form!

Although her interest in hooping admittedly ebbs and flows, Hannah has recently found a wave of inspiration through a Lyra class she recently took!

Lyra is a form of aerial hooping that is most comparable to the aerial acrobats one would see at the circus! Just another new challenge in the ever-evolving world of performance arts and a new experience, Hannah welcomes with open arms!