Meet Shiro! Shiro is a digital marketing manager at the local marketing firm, Mondo Marketing and part-time adventurer.

Mondo Marketing is a marketing firm in Boulder that focuses on marketing Japanese products from companies with an emphasis on outdoor gear and apparel.  For example, their major account, C3Fit, is a subsidiary of the company Goldwin, who is the distributor of North Face and Helly Hanson in Japan.

Shiro first moved to Boulder in the fall of 2010 from the Seattle, WA area, initially to start school at CU Boulder.  While working part-time at the local Japanese restaurant Amu (the best one in town according to Shiro) he formed a relationship with a regular customer named Shin.

Shin is the president of Mondo Marketing and would always treat clients to a meal at Amu.  The two bonded over their shared Japanese heritage and Shiro’s ability to speak Japanese fluently.  Eventually, Shin offered Shiro the opportunity to join him at Mondo when he finished up at school.

Shiro did some traveling after college finished, taking a trip around Asia and then living in Breckinridge for the post-grad year.  But, when his traveling was over, Boulder called him right back.

After living in Boulder during school, Shiro fell in love with the area.  The easy access to skiing and snowboarding was a huge draw and he also spends quite a bit of time attending concerts at Red Rocks.

“I just love the vibe of the city”, Shiro says, “its like its own micro-ecosystem.”

Brad Fagan is a photojournalist and filmmaker who hails from the Greater Boston area and is the definition of a travel lover.  Upon his graduation from Roger Williams University in 2016, Brad set off on a two month, cross-country road trip that began his love affair with Boulder.   The 31 states and 10 national parks that Brad visited on his road trip only scratch the surface of his travels, which also include a short jaunt around Europe and exploring both coasts of our Canadian friends up North.   Brad enjoys covering a wide variety of topics from environmental and social justice issues to sports and anything in between.  Everyone deserves to have their story told and Brad knows, a picture is worth a thousand words