Josie, Paige, and Allie 600px

Meet Josie, Paige, and Allie!

Why do these Iowans love Boulder? Easily accessible hiking, local breweries, floating down Boulder Creek on tubes, and the Pearl Street Mall of course! Although these young ladies have only lived in the area for a short time, they have already had some true Colorado adventures. From left to right, Josie conquered Quandary Peak (14,265 ft) on only her second day in the state! Paige, from a graduating class of only 16, never let her small hometown stop her from moving to the big city. Last, but certainly not the least, Allie had a black bear encounter while out hiking trails in the backcountry! Mountains, cities, and bears-oh my!

Oh, and if you need a recommendation for a place to eat after one of YOUR amazing adventures, Snooze was the preferred choice of these ladies.

Thanks Josie, Paige, and Allie!