Kathy and Isabelle 600 px

Meet Isabelle and Kathy!

Both Michigan natives, Isabelle moved to this beautiful city 5 years ago. It was the “peaceful, serene, and calm” landscapes that brought her to Boulder. Plus the fact that she could “Drop the kids off at school, and drive 2 minutes somewhere and hike”.

Kathy, a science teacher, came to visit Isabelle and unwind before beginning her busy school year back in Michigan. She was only here for 4 days, but wasted no time in exploring the many trails we have here in Boulder. These two had spent the morning going up Amphitheater trail, before descending back down Gregory Canyon.

Lifelong friends, Isabelle and Kathy met as teenagers working at her father’s office. It’s amazing to see such strong friendships reuniting in the beautiful countryside of Colorado.