george 600

I’m sitting with George  on a blizzardy day in Boulder.

George is the Digital Content Manager at KGNU. That means he posts news on the blog, he describes himself as the digital jack of all trades, from web development, online content and social media guru.

He volunteered for 15 years before becoming a paid staff member for last 1 1/2 years. In addition to the digital content, he also produces and engineers the Kabaret live broadcast interview show and DJ’s Musica Mundi, a show of international music.

George has been in Boulder since the fall of 1997 when he moved from Tucson to go to CU for graduate school. His doctoral program was in Linguistics. While George was a doctoral student, he met his future wife and they got married in May of 2015 after a 10 year engagement.

I asked for George’s fave Boulder spots and he said he likes the Bitter Bar on a non crowded happy hour day. He likes the beer culture of Boulder and the community of friends he’s made through his involvement at KGNU. Since he works in radio, I asked him his current new faves. He likes Dakha Brakha, a band from Ukraine that plays folktronic..a melding of electronic and folk music. George also says to check out Vincent Seagal and Ballake Sissoko. He’s a french cellist and Ballake is from Mali and he plays the Kora, a west african stringed instrument. They recorded the last record on Ballake’s roof in Bamako, his hometown.. Interesting!


Thanks George for taking the time to speak with me!