IMG_2556 copy“The thing that is frustrating as a teacher is this constant state of flux with philosophies that come and go with maybe administration in your building or maybe the school board philosophy. And everybody has this secret recipe for how to be successful and how to get these kids to do better. I don’t think there is one, I think you just got to work. So some of that frustration is like, you just get used to a system and then boom it changes again. I think we have a lot of great teachers there and all students have the opportunity to learn, they just have to take advantage of the opportunity…In physical education I think they call it the international subject because you observe a lot as a student, so you watch, you listen, you watch, and then you do. And I think that’s how you learn. So in physical education I think I felt I was successful, even with kids that couldn’t speak english or maybe weren’t interested in sports… I just feel that we as an elective have a little more freedom to choose teaching strategies and philosophies. Where as the core subjects they’re under a lot of pressure.”- Scott Smith