Thomas is 74 years old and is from Denver, Colorado. In the good year of 1962, Thomas decided to move to Boulder. Thomas knew Boulder would be a great place for growth and self realization. It was also a place of career opportunities. Science, being one of his first loves, was also much appreciated at a university such as  CU. He used to be marathon runner, but when he had to stop running, he got himself a road bike to keep me active and getting out in the world. Exercise also! “I Love being outside and being with people. Using the talent God has given me to create art. Interaction with people, while my art acts as a catalyst. Boulder years ago had the wisdom to buy a lot of property to keep its unique setting and not be swallowed by cities around it. Allows you to dwell in nature and enjoy it. The setting is vibrant.”
“Realize you’re given gifts and opportunities that are not done alone.”
Thanks Thomas!