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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

sized-down-originalPiqué asked for his face not to be photographed. Instead he’d rather that I take a picture of his Tonsure, the patch of hair on the back of his head that resembles a sort of Buddhist mullet. The Tonsure, Piqué says, is an identification for others that he is a person of peace and guidance; someone who is willing to help you if you ask. Piqué was walking down Grandview Avenue holding a drum and asking people if they would like to hear a song, maybe dance a little. I asked Piqué and his group of two other monks to come inside and teach me the song. We ended up signing Hari krishna and dancing in my living room for half an hour before I had to leave. Piqué attends Naropa University and was trying to corral people into exploring what Naropa was all about. I don’t think that I’ll transfer, but I have been humming that Hari krishna tune for a while now…

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