Tuesday - June 25th, 2024

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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

Every face has its own story, but this one tells two. This is a true face of Boulder, Colorado. A face that can always be found downtown. A face that has its own spirit and lives as part of another. A face that really is a window to the soul. This isn’t only the face of a man wise beyond his years; this is part of Boulder’s collective, figurative “face”. A character that gives Boulder some of its own character.

This face tells a story of the people who live here. People who are creative, active, and appreciative. People with depth. People who welcome creations such as this one into the world. Boulder is a place with its own story, and it’s told by each and every one of the many faces it’s made up of. Every face’s story is dense enough to fill a lifetime on its own, but together, we are something even greater. We are Boulder. We are a place that knows you have a story. A place that wants to hear it. A place that wants you to tell its story. A place that you are a part of. A place with many faces.

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