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A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a couple friends on Pearl Street.   As we were enjoying our meal, we started discussing this blog and some of the dispensaries I should check out – both in Boulder and others in the State.   We decided right then and there, after eating, we’d check out Helping Hand Dispensary which is located on Pearl between 10th and 11th.

I’ll be honest, I’ve passed this dispensary a few times and never really given it much thought.  I had never gone in before or looked it up online, so walking in I had no preconceived notions at all.   My first instincts upon entering Helping Hand was that it was a very traditional and comfortable dispensary.   As we took our place in a decent sized line, I immediately started to take notes (blame that on years of doing corporate store visits for my last employer).

One of the first things I noticed was – Smiles!   A lot of them.  From the budtenders to the customers to the security guards everyone was having a genuinely good time.  As someone who spent years trying to train people how to have a genuine connection, I could tell the staff was doing their best to create a good experience.  Sure there were a few customers who had already “sampled” some of the products beforehand (or maybe had a few drinks next door), but it was still great to see that a group of diverse humans could all be interacting in a positive manner with one another.  The staff has a lot to do with that.

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It was no different when it was my group’s turn.   Our budtender immediately smiled and asked how our night was and how he could “help us make it better.”   While my friends’ focus was on edible, which seemed plentiful, I did notice that their flower selection was very limited.   I believe that night they only had two sativa strands and two or three indica strands.  This left me a little disappointed.   On a side note:  isn’t it funny that I’m so spoiled as a stoner that having multiple choices is a “disappointment?”  I mean back in the day, so I hear from others, you were lucky with whatever your friend Joey had!  I digress…

We made our selections with some guidance.   I was pleasantly surprised at the prices overall, especially when it somehow became my responsibility to pay.   I didn’t really keep track, like I know I should have, of what we all got, but for four guys I paid less than $60 for us to enjoy the movie more!

Helping Hand was a pleasant discover based on that the staff was awesome and prices were good.  The line did take a while to get through but I won’t lose my mind over a little wait, especially given the prices and service received.   My biggest drawback is the lack of choices (I know this again – but it’s important to me) on flower.  Overall I’d say Helping Hand is a great find for those who find themselves on Pearl Street and looking for a little treat.

Cannabis products are designed for adults 21 and over.  Please consume responsibly.