As a senior, the thought of graduation brews a mixture of different emotions, from anxiety to excitement. We are halfway through spring semester and with that comes the need to organize and plan – and not just for midterms. Various spaces throughout Boulder have already been booked for graduation parties, which means those of us who haven’t thought much up party planning are behind the curve. Here is what you should do:

– Decide if you want to have your graduation party at home or at a venue.
– If you decide venue, make a list of the places that fit your wants and needs.
– From there, call these places, especially if you’re on a budget.
– Make your guest-list so that you have a feel for how big the space should be, and how much food to provide.
– Some possible venue options include:
Biergarden, Mountain Sun, Fate Brewery, Foolish Craigs, the Studio, and the Millennium Hotel.
Many venues will some wiggle room to negotiate pricing. Also, most places offer cheaper venue rentals during the day in comparison to night time.
– Be very specific with what you want. Ask the venue manager if they charge for music setup, or can knock some money off if you sort the canapés yourself, etc.
– Be prepared to book! Once you’ve found a place that matches your budget and wants, book it – because they’re going fast.