Welcome back to Jeopardy. Thanks to bad luck, some bad karma, a crappy offensive-line, and a torn ACL, I’m your host, Aaron Rodgers.

Our three contestants have breezed through categories that include Quantum Physics, Biomechanics, and 14th Century Poetry, but our final category may be the most challenging subject of them all.

Robert, you’re up.

I’ll take Week Nine NFL Quarterbacks for $400.

This Devito probably took a TAXI to the stadium before being SUBBED in for New York Giant’s quarterback Daniel Jones, who tore his ACL.

(buzzer sound)

Who is Danny DeVito?

Credit via Franchise Times

No, sorry. While the 4’10 actor that appears in the Jersey Mike’s commercials is a good guess, it’s the jersey of Tommy Devito that we were looking for.

Week Nine NFL Quarterbacks for $800.

After trading their starting quarterback to the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals started a rookie quarterback that threw for only 58 yards with two interceptions in a 27-0 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Name that Tune.

(buzzer sound)

I can name that tune in five notes, Aaron.

I seriously doubt that. Clayton Tune, a rookie from the University of Houston was the name we were looking for.

Credit via Houston Athletics

Let’s try Week Nine NFL Quarterbacks for $1200.

This Chicago Bears quarterback got his second consecutive start after playing collegiately for Division II Shepherd University. $1200 if you can name him…or where Shepherd University is located…or anyone that plays for the Bears for that matter.


Tyson Bagent is his name. Although, after three interceptions and a costly fumble last game, he’s probably okay with you not knowing who he is just yet.

Credit via skysports

Week Nine NFL Quarterbacks for $1600.

This quarterback played for the Browns during the Preseason, started every regular season game but one for the Cardinals, and then came in for the concussed Jaren Hall for the Vikings on Sunday, winning the game despite just arriving to the team days earlier.

(buzzer sound)

Who is Jaren Hall?

No, the answer we are looking for is Joshua Dobbs.

(buzzer sound)

Okay, but still. Who is Jaren Hall???

Our final question of the round is worth $2000. He’s the new good looking and good throwing quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders.

(buzzer sound)

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo?

Good guess, but no. I said good throwing.

(buzzer sound)

Who is Neil O’Donnell?

The quarterback that played for the Steelers back in the 90’s? I mean, I guess he was kind of handsome and could throw a bit. Surprisingly close, but incorrect.

(buzzer sound)

Credit via wikipedia

Who is Rosie O’Donnell?

Not sure if Rosie was handsome or could throw, but I see where you were going there. The answer we were looking for is Aiden O’Connell.

Let’s move on to Final Jeopardy.

(buzzer sound)

Hey, we never got a Daily Double?

You don’t want a Daily Double. Brock Purdy’s been seeing a Daily Double since that hit from the Vikings game and hasn’t been the same since.

Back to Final Jeopardy. The question is – This Week Nine Quarterback started for the New York Jets.

(Final Jeopardy music)

Okay, let’s see how our contestants did.

Robert wrote – Who is Aaron Rodgers?

No, I’m Aaron Rodgers – remember? Or are you also in Concussion Protocol?

Susan wrote – Who is Joshua Dobbs?

That’s also incorrect. Apparently, week nine starters Joshua Dobbs, Gardner Minshew, Mark Rypien, and Taylor Heinicke have played for every team in the NFL, EXCEPT the New York Jets.

That brings us to our returning champion, Michael. Let’s see if he got the correct answer.

Actually, it looks like our returning champion wrote down nothing and had no answer.

THAT IS CORRECT!!! After losing 27-6 to the Chargers on Monday night, the Jets have no quarterback, and no answers.

Which means, thank you for playing Jeopardy and I’ll see you next week.

Images via abc7chicago, franchisetimes, houstonathletics, skysports, wikipedia

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