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Loki Loves Boulder! From Feral to Adopt to Fuzzy Friend.


A Boulder “wanna bark,” Loki (the trickster of Norse Legends) was born in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada under a trailer in the snow, in -50-degree weather. He was the only survivor of his litter and spent the first four weeks of his life fighting for scraps to survive.  Survival was the beginning of his great good fortune! The owner of the property wasn’t even aware he existed. He was only found when the bylaw officer came with a warrant to clear the semi-feral dogs from the property, of which there were approximately 60. “My wife and I adopted him after she went to help at the local shelter and found him in a kennel that looked comically oversized for his tiny stature. For the first eight weeks we had him, he was a complete feral terror. Any touch of his fur all but guaranteed a bite, and while his tiny jaws didn’t produce much force, his teeth were razor blades. He is now, the smartest, sweetest, most well-behaved, and playful dog I have ever encountered. My wife says it’s because she ‘put the love in the puppy’.” I believe that she actually brought out the love that was there all along waiting for the right time to have that love let out.

“He has also become like a son to our older dog, Billie, who also had a tragic early life. We’re not sure where she originally came from, but what we do know is that she was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society shelter at the approximate age of three, weighing about 20lbs. Billie is in perfect shape now and she’s about 45lbs. She was adopted by three different families who all brought her back because she was “unmanageable.” Loki is the only dog Billie, big sister,  has ever tolerated, and she treats him like he came from her own litter.

Rescued adopted pound puppies in my personal experience KNOW that they were saved, and show their appreciation with an extra strong dose of love for their savior.

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