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Otto of Boulder: Featured Dog of the Day

Otto is not the ordinary perfect pet even by Boulder standards. His history is one of good fortune and caring people. With all of our chat about hybrids lately it amused me greatly that Otto IS a hybrid coyote and probably dog. He is a rescue with a tail tale of travel. Rescued By A […]

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Loki Loves Boulder! From Feral to Adopt to Fuzzy Friend.

  A Boulder “wanna bark,” Loki (the trickster of Norse Legends) was born in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada under a trailer in the snow, in -50-degree weather. He was the only survivor of his litter and spent the first four weeks of his life fighting for scraps to survive.  Survival was the beginning of […]

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Mad Max of Boulder: A Boulder Love Dog!

Many Boulderites believe that a dog adopted/rescued from a humane society shelter understands that they were rescued, and display gratitude. Anthropomorphizing is always  suspect, especially with me. I also am confident that I have seen this phenomenon repeatedly, and I know others report the same thing. Our neighbor’s pup, Max, is a two year old […]

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Black and White Border Collie

Fido’s Monday Guest Featured Pup Border Collie

Rumored to be the smartest of the breeds, and of course right at home in Boulder, are the Border Collies. On my list of favorites dogs of all time, Falkor was a border collie mutt from the Longmont Humane Society. May she herd in peace. Her herding instincts were so strong that if any animal […]

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Fido Friday For ALL DOGS!

It should come as no surprise to any Boulderite that Boulder Canines are huge LADY BUFF fans! And while we will be gracious hosts as would be expected of Boulder, UCLA will leave town having lost to the Lady Buffs. They’ll leave with their tails between their legs, like lost abandoned dogs. No disparagement to […]

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Faces of Boulder- Pic of the Day!

Meet Jenna (and Daisy!) Jenna is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia but moved out to the mountains to attend the University of Colorado. Currently a senior studying Environmental Science, she spends her free time with her rescue pup, Daisy. “I grew up with my mom always fostering animals. I knew that I always wanted to […]

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Facing the Flood

It all began on Wednesday evening, around sundown, when the rain started dumping. Forget cats and dogs, this was lions and bears. I was heading back from a friend’s house and remember thinking that the raindrops were so big and coming down so hard that it felt more like hail than rainfall. After being outside […]

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