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Fido’s Monday Guest Featured Pup Border Collie

Rumored to be the smartest of the breeds, and of course right at home in Boulder, are the Border Collies. On my list of favorites dogs of all time, Falkor was a border collie mutt from the Longmont Humane Society. May she herd in peace.

ai generated, border collie, puppyHer herding instincts were so strong that if any animal of any variety was in our yard, it became an instant part of Falkor’s herd and part of her responsibility. Even the small snakes found no respite. Falkor would put a paw on one end to hold the snake down and groom the hapless reptile. The snakes hated it. On the other hand “Water Lilly,” a LONG haired Angora rabbit, and a house pet/livestock for her company and her wonderfully spinnable fur, tolerated having Falkor pull at a mat for almost 45 minutes until it was fully removed in one piece. The mat was so hard that we could not cut it out. Long hair rabbits are very challenging, and mat if you look at them. Or if you don’t look at them.

rabbits, ear, rabbitI know. What does a bunny picture have to do with a blog on Border Collies? Could you say “no” to this face? I could not.

So are border collie’s as smart as they are perceived to be?

Border Collies, renowned for their intelligence and agility, are often hailed as one of the smartest dog breeds. Originating from the border regions between Scotland and England, they were bred for herding livestock, particularly sheep. This demanding work requires acute intelligence, quick decision-making, and a high energy level, all of which the Border Collie possesses in abundance.

Their keen intellect makes them highly trainable, capable of learning a wide range of commands and tasks. This trait, combined with their natural instinct to herd, makes them exceptional working dogs in various fields beyond farming, such as search and rescue, and as service animals.

However, it’s not just their smarts that make them stand out; their athleticism and endurance are equally impressive. As pets, they thrive in active homes where they can exercise both their bodies and minds. Without sufficient mental and physical stimulation, they can develop behavioral issues.

Their intense focus and energy, while beneficial in working environments, may not suit every household. Prospective owners should consider their lifestyle and ability to provide adequate exercise and engagement. Nonetheless, for those who can meet their needs, Border Collies make loyal, loving, and incredibly rewarding companions.





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