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Big Horn Sheep By Photographer of the Month: Gwen Dordick!

Congratulation to Gwen Dordick! Gwen is our newest Photographer Of The Month. We’ll be seeing a lot more of her work.                                                                  pic Gwen Dordick                                                                             pic Gwen Dordick                                                                                                 pic Gwen Dordick                                                                                                            pic Gwen Dordick Gwen is an avid hiker. She was not hiking when she drove past this family of […]

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Return of the Gray Ghosts: Navigating Conflict and Conservation of Wolf Reintroduction

The reintroduction of wolves in Colorado has been a contentious and complex issue, marked by a delicate balance between ecological restoration and human interests, particularly those of ranchers. After being extirpated from the state in the 1940s, gray wolves were officially reintroduced in Colorado following a 2020 voter-approved initiative, aiming to restore this apex predator […]

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Black and White Border Collie

Fido’s Monday Guest Featured Pup Border Collie

Rumored to be the smartest of the breeds, and of course right at home in Boulder, are the Border Collies. On my list of favorites dogs of all time, Falkor was a border collie mutt from the Longmont Humane Society. May she herd in peace. Her herding instincts were so strong that if any animal […]

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Boulder Colorado Air Quality

A Day on Boulder Creek

Featured Boulder Song

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