Coronavirus-related travel bans have affected much of the world and airline travels, but the super rich are now getting hit by something that has never affected them before. Private jet operators are now refusing to travel even when being offered buckets of money if the travel is against the law. The laws are changing on a daily basis, with some countries banning foreign travel altogether, and others banning travel to or from specific countries.

Operators say that the majority of the desired travel is one way, with passengers intending on staying in place once they get somewhere as opposed to country hopping. Despite this, operators still feel it is unsafe and are unable to go around country guidelines.

“There is a new directive or advisory coming out every day,” said Rajan Mehra, who heads business aviation company Club One Air. “Tourism is practically frozen for the time being and corporates are not traveling at all unless they have to.

“We are extremely worried as to what the future holds, how we’re going to pay salaries. It’s a ripple effect. If industries and corporates don’t do well, where will they get money to pay for us? We’re considered a luxury, a high-cost industry, so we get hit first.”