Happy Sunny Saturday, all!


What’s on the agenda today?  Well, it’s only 10m and it’s already 54 degrees and gorgeous.  First thought that comes to mind?  A sweet spot on the Sanitas Brewing Co. patio for a refreshing beer, McDevitt Tacos, and yard games.  I know I’ve mentioned Sanitas Brewing Co. a few times now, but I can’t help that it is literally my favorite spot in all of Boulder, especially on days like this.

Today, I’d recommend a nice saison to go with your sunny Boulder day.  What is it?  A Saison is a Farmhouse Ale, which easy enough, is exactly what it sounds like.  The farmhouse ale was originally brewed by farmers for the basic purpose of providing refreshment in the summer and to prepare for the next long day at work on the farm.  Because of this purpose, you’ll find that most saisons are lower in alcohol content and still tend to carry on the legacy of a rustic flavor.

Taste wise, you can typically find experience a floral or fruity flavor in your saison.  That’s not to say that such flavors are overbearingly apparent, like a sour might be, but at more of a light and refreshing capacity.  Sanitas actually has two saisons on tap currently, the year-round Sanitas Saison and a seasonal Cherry Saison, both of which I highly recommend trying.

The year-round Sanitas Farmhouse Saison is described as:

Pouring bright marigold, our take on the classic Saison style expresses tangerine and bubble-gum like Belgian yeast esters in the aroma and flavors of grassy hops. Crisp and refreshing.

The cherry saison falls under their rotating Fruited Saison Project:

For the warmer months, we blend our flagship Sanitas Saison with real fruits for a refreshing kick and balanced sweetness. Past fruits include blackberries, apricots, cherries, pears, and more.

(Descriptions by Sanitas Brewing Company)

So, head over to Sanitas, everyone!  Enjoy a nice patio saison and your amazing Boulder community.  I promise you, the combination will not disappoint.