Every year, millions of people from every continent travel to Colorado for vacations, new jobs, educational opportunities, to start businesses, or to retire. The state has a long history of being a magnet for those who want to live the good life in a beautiful, safe, fun place that’s ideal for families and single people alike. So, if you’re fortunate enough to already live in a city like Boulder or Denver, why not take advantage of all that the state of Colorado has to offer in terms of education, particularly for college and university students. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you just finished high school or are a mid-career professional, the state’s colleges and universities have something for everyone. Here are some details about the key benefits available to local residents who make the wise decision to attend one of Colorado’s community institutions, four-year colleges, or universities.

Excellent School Selection

Colorado has a lot to offer visitors and local residents. Not only is the state a top vacation destination but it boasts some of the best public and private schools in the nation. Boulder alone has three uniquely attractive institutions of higher education, namely UC Boulder, Naropa University, and the world-famous Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Together, the three are home to nearly 40,000 students at any given time.

Knowing Costs in Advance

Most prospective college students prefer to deal with financing as early in the process as possible. That makes good sense, especially if you choose to borrow from a private lender who offers competitive interest rates and generally favorable terms. But, it’s also wise to use a student loan online calculator to get an idea of the repayment amounts you’ll be looking at once your graduate and begin working. By knowing, well in advance, how much your student loan payments will be, you’ll have the peace of mind to focus on studying and getting good grades, without worrying about paying for tuition and fees.

In-State Tuition

Colorado residents get the advantage of paying much lower, in-state tuition rates. That means if you’re lucky enough to be a local resident of Boulder, Denver, or Aurora, you automatically qualify for the in-state rate. That means that even if you borrow the full amount of your educational costs, repaying will entail much lower payments and usually a shorter repayment period.

Unlimited Local Jobs

Another factor that should figure into your decision to attend college locally, in Colorado, is the state’s leading role in the national and world economy. Denver, in fact, is one of the economic centers of the global financial network and employs more than a half million people in full-time occupations in dozens of major industries. Not to mention the out of work opportunities to enjoy the unique landscape are vast. You can work your dream job all week and find easy mountains to summit all weekend. Not many places offer what Colorado can in terms of the great outdoors.

In addition to financial services, the state is a center for industries like healthcare, aerospace technology, IT, energy, and telecommunications. So, if you decide to remain in the state after getting a diploma, there are plenty of good jobs available in a number of different fields. Likewise, it’s usually easy for local students to find relevant internships and part-time jobs while they’re still in school.