Okay. I get that the Earth has different climates and ecosystems and whatnot, but SWEET GOODNESS the arctic tundra needs to keep its weather to itself.


These temperatures are a hard no. They’re the meteorological equivalent of your crazy Uncle Frank, who you’re actually not related to, who has issues with both hygiene and personal space, showing up unannounced and RUINING YOUR LIFE.

The temps went from a high of 64 last Sunday to a high of 3 on Monday. That’s less than 24hrs. I mean, really. Slow down. Have some self respect, arctic air.

So, as I’m sure my homies in the front range can attest, there were few things that could pull me from my warm, cozy bed this week. Having a full time job, and the desire to keep said job, was one of those things. But you can be sure I was not stepping a pinky toe beyond my flannel down-y nest a moment earlier than necessary.

Thus, I’d like to introduce you to my go-to favorite quick and easy hairstyle: the sock bun.

sock bun front and side via fashionisers

It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it (took me about 5-6 tries) it gets your hair done in less than a minute with nothing more required than a rubber band and a sock donut.

There are different sock-like donuts on the market (like this one, this one, or this one), but you can literally take a sock you no longer wear and make one yourself, like so:

sock for sock bun via canadian beauty

You sacrifice the toe of the sock so that you have a fabric tube. Next, take one end of the tube and roll the edges outward. Keep rolling until there is no more sock left and you’re left with a donut looking heft of former sock.

My hair is about 1/3 way down my back and I find that a trouser sock is the best length. For shorter hair try a regular ole ankle sock or maybe even a sport sock. For longer hair, there are always those over the knee options. If you have very thin hair then I’d try a thinner sock material, not quite pantyhose-esque, but maybe just thin cotton. For thicker hair, you can experiment. I like the grippy-ness of an inside out sweat sock.

different socks for sock buns via honeynest

Choosing a sock close to your hair color is wise. Especially as you’re learning to roll your hair. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Okay, so we have our sock donut. Next, put your hair up in a ponytail at whatever height you want your bun to be. If you’re Kim Kardashian or Lauren Conrad, then generally means as high as humanly possible. If you’re me it means about midway up the back of my head or 1/3 the way down from my crown.

Thread the end of your ponytail through the hole in the middle of the sock donut. If you have layered hair, don’t freak out, you might just have to tuck the shorter pieces through the middle of the sock donut.

sock bun beginning via birch box

Next is the part you’ll need to practice, rolling.

rolling sock bun via canadianbeauty

Keep rolling until the sock donut is against your head.

rolling down sock bun via hopefulhoney

If this is making zero sense, you can always go to youtube. There are about eleventy billion tutorials.

Last, just mash the flyaways into the center of the donut, spray with some hairspray, and done! If you’re insecure, you can always wrap an additional ponytail elastic around the bottom of the sock bun.

Once done, you can add whatever flair you see fit.

reindeer sock bun via thefrisky

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please leave me a comment below! Otherwise, I’ll see you next week and wish you a fabulous hair day!