It has been announced that Boulder Creek is once more open for inner tubing enthusiasts. The Boulder Creek’s river discharge is down to just over 300 cubic feet per second (cfs), which means it’s safe for tubing. It’s not necessarily going to be a smooth ride, however. Normal creek rates are typically between 100 and 300 cfs, so the river levels are still a bit higher than average. This means that, if you plan on tubing, the river is going to rock you around like a hurricane. Essentially, be ready to simulate your tube going through a particularly wet pinball machine.


Experts say that, if you desire to tube down the river, that you don’t start any further up than where the river crosses the sixth street bridge, which is nearby the justice center. Beyond that point, there are treacherous waters that still remain to be questionable for tubing at the current flow rates. If you don’t mind being thrown around on an inner tube, however, then tubing down the lower parts of Boulder Creek is a great way to cool off in the current summer heat. If you’re searching for an inner tube, there are plenty of places to look.
For people who want a sturdy inner tube that will last them for the remainder of summer, the very reasonably-priced Intex River Run tube is a floatation device that I personally own and often use on the Boulder Creek. For those who just want a single-use tube, however, Whitewater Tubing has a few different types of tubes that you can rent on a day-to-day basis. Happy tubing, everyone!

via thedailycamera