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Trying Upslope’s Newest Classic

The other day, I was strolling along in the liquor store, gazing through the doors of the beer fridge, and taking on the task of deciding which beer I wanted to sip on. With all of the new options that seem to pop up every week, I was drawn to the Upslope selection for their classic Pale Ale. Yet, those white cans with their maroon stripes and label were nowhere to be found. In their place was Upslope’s newest addition to their year-round offerings: the Citra Pale Ale. To earn that place in the Upslope family of beers, I figured it had to be worth a try.

I was not disappointed.

Self-described as “floral, juicy, brilliant”, this medium bodied beer boasts grapefruit and tropical aromas front and center. Malts and hops play nicely, with a pleasant, juicy kick from the hops coming through to give Citra an IBU of 37. It has a little bit too robust of a flavor for it to be considered “easy-drinking” but, at 5.8% ABV, it certainly has earned a place in my fridge as a new “go-to” beer.

Citra is a fun drinking experience that Upslope Brewing recommends pairing with a bacon cheeseburger, street tacos, or spicy Thai chicken curry. How can a beer be good with such international fair, you ask? I gave the bacon cheeseburger and spicy Thai chicken curry a try (separately, don’t worry) with it to test them out. The bright grapefruit cuts through the grease and fat of the burger, making the meal feel lighter than it might otherwise. As for the spicy curry, I found that Citra helped tone down the fire in my mouth though, I can’t say if it just helped to have a cold beverage to help the spice move on faster. Regardless, the tropical notes complemented the white meat and vegetables.

With the added benefit that Citra pairs well with food from around the world, I am undeniably pleased with this addition to the Upslope lineup. I am happy to have found a new staple for my own fridge.



Krista is a native of Nebraska who left all that corn behind for the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She graduated from the University of Denver with BAs in English and Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from CU. In the ceaseless search for inspiration, her passions for writing and culture led her to another great love: Colorado microbreweries. When she’s not trying the new IPA on tap, Krista can be found hiking Chautauqua, running the Boulder Creek Path, or curled up with a good book

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