A tubing ban has been place in Boulder on the Boulder Creek until Monday. The ban will affect the Creek from Boulder Falls to the city limits on the east side of Boulder.

This ban applies to all single-person devices, including air mattresses or inner tubes.

This ban has gone into effect for safety reasons after a few close calls earlier this week.

There has also been a ban in Clear Creek  in Jefferson County and Golden since Monday. Officers say this effect is due to the high snowfall we have had this year, which is leading to rushing waters. “We’re about three weeks behind schedule from when we would normally be considering whether to close the creek,” Police Chief Joseph Harvey told Denver7.

Kayakers will still be allowed on Clear Creek for the time being.

Boulder Creek has been flowing between 500 to 650 cubic feet per second for the past several days. Usually, bans on tubing take effect once the Creek is flowing at 700 cubic feet per second, but the city is taking extra precautions due to the busy holiday weekend.

Anyone who fails to obey the tubing ban may be guilty of a class two petty offense and subject to a fine of up to $50. The ban is in effect until noon on Monday, July 8.