Language barriers are inevitable, especially in the trans global business realm we live in today. With new industries developing in all corners of the globe, I bet you would be hard pressed to find any entrepreneur or customer who hasn’t run into a language barrier at one point or another when dealing with businesses or business transactions. But a language barrier is no longer an excuse for people not being able to access your business or products etc. To continue to compete with other global industries and businesses and stay relevant overcoming language barriers is essential. VerbalizeIt, a startup based in Boulder and New York and developed through Boulder’s accelerator program TechStars, allows businesses and individuals to overcome universal language barriers. VerbalizeIt ‘connects those in need of translation with a global community of human translators’. VerbalizeIt’s cloud based translation services ensures quality translation every time through all communication and media channels.


Often times when using translation websites, users encounter grammatical and syntax errors the program directly translates and does not account for language dialects and verb conjugation, making the translation they are looking for incorrect and confusing. Because VerbalizeIt connects users with actual people, your communication won’t get lost in translation. These humans are top-notch translators, screened and selected for you based on geography, demographics and industry expertise.


So how does VerbalizeIt work exactly? It’s easy! First upload your document, media, phone app, website etc., quickly receive VerbalizeIt’s quote for your service and submit your file. The translation process then begins on the other end. Your file is submitted to one of their +19,000 qualified translators, reviewed by a translator and then reviewed again to ensure a clear and correct translation free of grammar, formatting and syntax errors and your file is delivered back to you!


As a business owner, VerbalizeIt could be an extremely useful tool for you. You could now advertise your products or services in over 150 other languages and dialects you desire. This allows for a greater market audience and allows you to zero in on target markets you otherwise could not have reached due to language discrepancies. The value for those who take the next step and learn English for business is undeniable.


VerbalizeIt offers two pricing options for users: Basic and Premium. The Basic option offers pay-as-you-go pricing, zero monthly commitments and allows you to use their translation platform for basic costs: $0.17 per word for documents and apps, $15.50 per minute for audio or video media, and $1.75 for phone calls. The Premium package is a monthly package at $29.99 per month that offers the same great prices but also an extra feature called Translation Memory. Translation Memory records and detects any duplicate content in your translations, only charging for the new content inputted. This allows users to save money on their translations. Translation Memory boasts savings of upwards of 20% on translations.

VerbalizeIt is being used by major companies like Vimeo, TripAdvisor, About.Me, and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Sharktank and many other notable press sources. Most recently VerbalizeIt was awarded the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprise Challenge in Fort Collins, Colorado. Through this award VerbalizeIt $250,000 as well as a plethora of mentoring and professional services.


Need work translated? Want to learn more? Visit VerbalizeIt’s website to see what makes the wheels turn behind this startup. Want to become a translator? Apply here.