All the things that make a Buffalo, a Buffalo.

College students all around the country wear their colors proudly, flaunting what it means to be a Ram, a Bruin, a Sioux, and so on. Every school’s history is woven together with the various successes, differences and legacies that come together to create an identity that is withheld and added to by students each year. At the University of Colorado, Boulder, what are the various fabrics that define CU, though? They are traits that are culminated by students and make us Buffalo’s, Buffalo’s.

One thing that Buffalo’s can pride themselves on is teamwork. The CU Swimming and Diving Team recently took home the gold at the national championship for the 9th (and 5th consecutive) win. The various teams at CU flaunt their team-pride by hosting parties in celebration of their wins, and even more so, their complete dedication to one another.

We are an active student body. Literally. Seeing a student or dozen on campus either slack lining, playing frisbee, doing yoga or playing with their puppy, is completely inevitable. The quad and Folsom Field are always decorated with students enjoying each others company in active and fun ways.

Another is family. Once a Buffalo always a Buffalo, and during the CU Football games this trait makes up the reality of the tailgate scene. Alumni gather to grill, drink and create memories with their friends and children who attend CU.

We have and will (hopefully) always be a party school. Correction – Not even a party school, a school filled with thirsty students. Correction – a thirsty and munchy-prone student body. Although the University itself has taken various actions to create a more crisp and prestigious reputation, the students who attend Boulder all have something in common; they had heard about Boulder because of it’s party rep and most students are happy to carry on a tradition that does indeed exist despite the efforts of the administration. CU students in fact, are infamous for St.Patrick’s Day celebrations along with 420 and Fourth of July celebrations also.

Our living condition: Here in Boulder students do get what they pay for. The homes occupied by students range from glamorous and historic Sorority houses, to the Lofts on College. No where in Boulder in cheap, but we get what we pay for.

The Sink Shot. This is why every Buffalo should stay far away from Vegas on their 21st. The Sink creates a unique and somewhat repulsive shot for every Buff on his/her 21st birthday. The Sink is also great for commemorating and memory creating because every Buff who graduates can write their name on the wall of the Sink. (Not just the ceiling)