“It’s fun out here!” Michael Stedman, born and raised in Longmont, Colorado, has been working for Fast Eddie’s Hot Dogs since last spring. Fast Eddie’s has been in business for 25 years, becoming one of the hottest spots on the Pearl Street Mall, especially at night.

“It’s free entertainment,” says Stedman, “there’s nothing like the bar crowd at night. Once they see this cart, I’m their best friend.”

Michael Stedman is not only passionate about Fast Eddie’s; he is passionate about life. He has spent 3 months in the forests of the Ozarks under a handmade shelter helping teach sustainability to families. He has sold his car and everything but what could fit in his backpack and hopped on his bike to travel around Europe and the US. He has befriended and lived with those in the villages of Germany and has had careers in acting, singing and photography.

But times can be rough behind the cart.

“I lost a week and a half of work,” said Stedman, when talking about how the latest winter weather closed down the cart. The Boulder weather dictates the stability of Fast Eddie’s cart, but Stedman has good news. There will be a storefront going in on The Hill within the next two months. So all of you Fast Eddie fans out there keep your eyes peeled! Stedman also says that they will be offering HungryBuffs delivery.

“Dive into the deep end,” Steadman says, “live your dreams and the universe will hand you want you need.” Next time you are walking down Pearl Street, make a stop at Fast Eddie’s for great food and great conversation.