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Boulder Raptor Livestream Hits 400,000 Views, Prompting International Research Study

July 28th, 2020

Two raptors in Boulder, a male and a female, have a livestream that’s blowing up in popularity as people flocked to the Boulder county page earlier in March to see the birds’ return after their winter migration. People can get a bird’s eye view of the male and female osprey and their anticipated hatchlings this spring season by watching Boulder County Parks & Open Space’s live stream of their home. Researchers are hoping that those who watch the livestream will report their findings in a Google doc to help track some of the activity of the raptors. To help with the citizen... Read More

Mountain Lion Caught on Camera in Boulder on Christmas Eve

December 28th, 2019

A mountain lion was recently seen in a Boulder neighborhood, meandering through people’s yards. The footage was caught on camera on somebody’s doorbell app. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, there have been more spottings of mountain lions in suburban areas this year, though the threat of attack is low.      Read More